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Here are some incredible small shops to support for your Letterboard decorating needs!!

A Peace of Creativity
Shop Owner: Melanie
Instagram: @apeaceofcreativity
Visit her Etsy shop here!

Rustic letterboard handmade felt accessories for seasonal home decorating with rae dunn spring easter fall halloween christmas holidays on Etsy shop A Peace of Creativity

"Sharing my passions with you... I'm Mel, a lifetime crafter, creator and lover of all things that sparkle. In 2013 I started my blog, A Peace of Creativity, as a way to catalog everything I made, all of the parties I planned and to highlight the creativity of the people around me. My blog soon morphed into crafting tutorials with the hope of inspiring people to make and build their inner "craft confidence.

It has been a secret (or not-so-secret) dream of mine to open a shop of my own but I could never decide on what to sell. I love trying all sorts of crafts and the challenge of making something new, so I could never commit to just one thing over and over again. One day, I realized (DUH!) that I didn't have to choose one thing in order to open my own shop! I could really make whatever I wanted, but the main driving force would be my passion for sparkles.

Sparkles make me happy and bring me peace and I hope they will do the same for you in the different collections of items that I offer!" ~ Mel


Words with Means
Shop Owner: Heather
Instagram: @words_with_means
Visit her Etsy shop here!
premium decorative message boards in gothic black distressed frame brown barnwood and white modern rustic farmhouse with Etsy 3D printed flower icons and custom letterset accessories by Words with Means shop
All About Bows & Co.
Shop Owner: Cindy
Instagram: @allaboutbowsco
Visit her Etsy shop here!

 rustic felt message boards in blue felt pink felt and black felt with handmade paper bows available on Etsy

"Hi!! I’m Cindy!  

I run a little shop called All about bows & Co. Where I make paper bows for your letter boards!! I have been running this little shop since 2019 and I have enjoyed it so much!! Every bow I make is handmade with lots of love." ~ Cindy

Honeycomb Heights
Shop Owners: Caitie & Paige
Instagram: @honeycombheights
Visit their Etsy shop here!
Rustic 10" feltboards with electric mint and lilac purple lavender felt and white 3D printed letterboard Etsy shop accessoriesåç
"Sisters who work together, stay together. It all started in 1989 when Caitie’s little sister, Paige, was born 18 months after she was.

We were inseparable during childhood. We did everything together, had the same friends and got into trouble together. We didn’t even mind being grounded because that’s when we got our best playing time in. We shared clothes and shoes all through high school and even attended some college classes together.

In 2008 Caitie married Zach and a year later Paige married Jason and the men have become great friends as well. It’s still not certain whether they like each other by force or free will. We each have 4 adorable children (Caitie 2 boys, 2 girls. Paige 3 boys, 1 girl) who all love to help with the business. They especially love the crinkle paper used in packaging and eating food props. You’ll see their faces and names used frequently in our photos because we think they’re the cutest!

30 years later we still love sharing our ideas and dreams. In 2018 we had a crazy idea to use a 3D printer to make our own custom designed products. We saw a need for cute little embellishments for letter boards and started designing right away. We have so many ideas in our heads that we will be working on and adding as we go! Sometimes it gets crazy when we are working with 8kids “helping” but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope we can bring some special designs and happy memories to your home, too. Thanks for being here, we appreciate the support and love." ~ Caitie & Paige

The ABC Supply Co.
Shop Owners: Caitlin & Joshua
Instagram: @theabcsupplyco
Visit their Etsy shop here!
Lilac grey and black rustic farmhouse 10" letterboards with felt easter peeps accessories felt flowers and bee honey spring letterboard icons from Canadian Etsy shop

"We are a husband and wife team in Ontario, Canada and we're happy you've found us! Caitlin is a wife, mom, music teacher and professional dog cuddler. Loves birdwatching, sunny days on the deck, Rae Dunn hunting, playing with her letter boards and a good docuseries. Joshua is a husband, dad, self-proclaimed comic book nerd and action figure collector. Usually lost in his imagination, he loves model building, creating, illustrating, reading and binging on a worthy comedy." ~ Caitlin & Joshua
The Blessed Heart
Shop Owner: Lori
Instagram: @theblessedheart
Visit her wesbite here to shop!
white rustic framed bright blush hot pink and farmhouse mint felt letterboards with handmade fabric Etsy accessories and icons gumball machine cupcake and valentine's day by the blessed heart
'Aloha! I’m Lori, the maker and creator at The Blessed Heart.
My love for handmade decor began as a child while I watched, learned, and created with my mother. I hold those memories close and dear to my heart. I carry those experiences with me in the pieces I create today. From a simple polka dot fabric, a gingham ribbon, a color scheme, a floral pattern, or an embellished heart. Each little piece are a part of my story that I am blessed to share with you. I am inspired from my past and exhilarated by the special moments in life to create what my heart loves. I hope you find a handmade piece that brings joy to your heart and adds a little extra love into your home.' -xo, Lori 
Gilmore Things (& other awesome stuff!)
Shop Owner: Erica
Instagram: @gilmorethings
Visit her Etsy shop here!
natural reclaimed wood felt sign, black gothic rustic message board and mini rustic feltboard with felt flowers and thanksgiving easter day of the dead accessories from etsy shop Gilmore Things
"Hi, I'm Erica! We are an eclectic small business that started out selling beauty products and candles, with a hint of pop culture thrown in for fun. Because of my love for all things letterboard related, I began making and selling my own letterboards and letterboard icons. I especially love to use glitter for the icons I create because of the unique detail & texture it offers. We have so many exciting new products planned for this year and I can't wait to share them!" ~ Erica
Sugar Violets
Shop Owner: Sharon
Visit her Etsy shop here!
large rustic felt letterboard with easel in black and grey felt and electric mint with handmade Etsy shop felt accessories for birthday party and gnomes summer camping decor 

"Sugar Violets was born out of a desire to share my creativity.  I design my pieces with the purpose of inspiring and motivating my customers to create beautiful moments and memories.  And I just love being part of it!

I strive to fill my customer interactions with heart and compassion; along with a lot of felt, fiberfill, and glitter! I welcome custom orders and the opportunity to make your event sparkle that much more!

I get my inspiration from nature and everyday life, and am always on the lookout for new trends and ideas to keep my product lines fresh and exciting." ~ Sharon

Designs KMH

Shop owner: Kelsey
Instagram: @designskmh
Visit her Etsy shop here!
3D printed felt letter board accessories and icons on Etsy for all seasons, holiday, hearts arrows fonts custom words

"Hi! My name is Kelsey. I work full time on my family’s farrow-to-finish hog farm managing the farrowing site. I am the wife to Chad and mommy to my beautiful kiddos Marvel and Graham. When I’m not herding pigs or my children, my passion is letterboards - I really enjoy creating 3d printed accessories for them. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments- I’d love to hear from you! Thanks again for checking out my shop!" ~ Kelsey
Candy Letter Shop
Shop Owner: Ashley
Instagram: @mycandyletters
Visit her Etsy shop here!
small mini square rustic felt letterboards for tiered tray and shelf kitchen decor with cute seasonal accessories


Sweet Treats for Every Message:

"Express yourself with style! I’m Ashley, a graphic and web designer by trade and creator of Candy Letters. I’ve always been fascinated by the messages and stories people have to tell, and the different ways they try to share them. When I realized how unique a canvas a letter board is for people to express their thoughts - be they funny, inspiring, sarcastic, or informative - I knew I wanted to tap into even more possibilities.

I began creating custom designed letter board pieces that combine modern style, shapes, and colors with the classic letter board look. Every piece is 3D printed by yours truly (with help from my husband and our two pups - they’re our supervisors) in Colorado Springs, CO. They’re made of biodegradable plastic and packed in recyclable paper sleeves rather than more plastic. Sturdy and durable, they’re meant to last for as long as you need them. 

Since we sold our first collection, it’s been a dream to see all the messages that people create and share! It’s my hope that, especially in today’s world, that the notes of support, celebration, and love that we’re compelled to share with each other just keep on coming .. and whatever *your* message might be, I hope that we can help add a little magic to it." ~ Ashley



Hi there Beverly!
That is so neat you have a letter board from the 70’s! They were quite popular then for so many places of business and I just love how they have stood the test of time 🌟

There is a letterset called ‘SCANT’ by Honey Comb Heights that is very tiny, and they offer it in many colours! 🌈

I would suggest reaching out to them to inquire 😍

Very kindly,
Felt Creative Home Goods

Beverly D Thorne

I have very small lettering from the 70’s on my felt board. I was wondering if you know of a merchandiser that still sell the .25 lettering?

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