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A place for all things creative & decor-related! Join Felt Creative co-founder, Brit, and her whimsical musings in the way of design, and see what she’s up to when she’s not custom designing unique home decor. Follow us on instagram to engage in our cozy community and use the hashies #feltcreativehome #jusfeltcreative #tieredtrayloves so we can share the love!

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Brit has always cultivated meaning in her life through her creative pursuits. Her lovely yet edgy, energetic charisma fuels her passion pursuits and has coloured her professional journey in the wide expanse of entrepeneurialship.

Masters-educated, and well versed in the world of mental health, Britney enjoys connecting with all whom she encounters – especially those fervent home decor junkies that mirror her deep love for the art of creating a home. Engaging with her Felt Creative community brings her bliss, and activates that ever-hungry desire to create positivity in the landscape around her. When she’s not running the biz with her husband and partner in crime Bobby, petting her cats, or painting things black, you can find her writing posts for the blog, and brainstorming her next fun decor challenge (#checkoutourinsta)! 

Brit invites you to see what Felt Creative is up to. Check out the company blog for new and exciting developments in our journey, and all other things creative and decor inspiring.

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