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We are natural born problem solvers. If you need help assembling our products, or have general questions about your orders, or our company as a whole, we’re here to help. Check out our resources below for more information!

Product assembly videos

3-Tier Tray Assembly

This large 3-tier tray is a total home decor showstopper, and unlike many other large pieces, is super simplistic in design, which makes putting it together a total cakewalk. Refer to our video for a quick tutorial and get to styling in as little as a few minutes (oh, yeah–no tools necessary)! Download our assembly guide here.

2-Tier Beaded Tray Assembly

Much like it’s older, much taller sister, the 2-tier tray assembly process takes no time. Just pick the decorative handle of your choosing and start layering your tiers. It’s that easy! Check out our demo for a quick breakdown on the process. Click here to download our assembly guide.

Large 2-Tier Tray Assembly

Extra spacious for extra fun! Our large 2-tier tray offers a wider platform to get your creative juices flowing. Peep our super simple assembly guide on the video and get a quick lesson on how to put this beautiful piece together, and get styling! Click here to download our assembly guide.

2-Tier Rectangle Tray Assembly

Robust in width and ready for action in seconds. Like the majority of our products, assembling the 2-tier rectangle tray is anything but a headache. Get creative with your display and swivel the layers, creating a focal point of visual interest! Click here to download our assembly guide.

3-Tier Rectangle Tray Assembly

Our 3-tier rectangle tray is one of our most versatile products yet! This tray can be disassembled and used as a single tray with handle, or as a double tray! Not to mention the three interchangeable metal handles. This product is easy to assemble–no tools required!

Single Galvanized Tray Assembly

This reinforced galvanized metal tray is sturdy and strong! It features a beautiful wooden dowel for that industrial farmhouse charm, and a matching silver handle to complement the metal base. And of course, quick and easy assembly so you can have your display ready in minutes!

2-Tier Galvanized Tray Assembly

Our galvanized trays feature a classic, timeless design and a patented matching silver handle. The angled base takes up minimal surface area and maximizes your display space. A 2-inch rim keeps your decor items safely tucked inside! Click here to download our assembly guide.

3-Tier Galvanized Tray Assembly

Our 3-tier galvanized display tray features reinforced metal bases and extra metal plates for our sturdiest 3-tier yet! Plus, bottom-up assembly makes set up easier than ever! Take a peek at our assembly video for a quick rundown. Click here to download our assembly guide.

Frequently Asked

Q: How do I get a restock notification on an out-of-stock item?

A: I'm always thrilled when I get to send happy news that an item you've been wanting and waiting for has restocked! Shoot a quick email to, or fill out our [General Inquiry] contact form with the following information (1. Product you're interested in 2. What country you'll be purchasing from) and I will be sure to let you know! 

Q: Do you ship to European countries?

A: Although we do not currently offer shipping to Europe through our website, we are pleased to say that Amazon offers a lot of our products in their Global Store! Simply add the item to your Amazon USA cart with your local shipping address to see if they ship to you! You can also visit our Amazon UK storefront or search for our brand on Amazon Germany and most other Amazon EU marketplaces! Fun fact: we've had someone purchase our goodies from the North Pole - Mrs. Claus was that you??

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