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Our Story

The race had come to an end. My husband and I had done our time. Completed the sought after, well-coveted college education. Spent the long hours in coffee-fueled study sessions. But after the books were laid down and the degrees hung on the wall, we found ourselves in the throes of modern day life, with all it’s accoutrements and routines, only to feel bored–like there was something else to be achieved. No amount of corporate accolades could reignite the lackluster energy we felt toward our regular 9-5s, and we knew change was necessary. It was time to take control of our story, be our own boss and pursue the freedom of starting our own business.

Felt Creative came as naturally to us as the sun takes to the sky each morning. Our shared passion for creativity led us to design beautiful pieces of home decor that together bring style and affinity to your space, all while allowing your whims and quirks to take center stage (as they should), because what really makes a house a home is you.

Now, we enjoy waking up each day to work, and love engaging with the cozy community we’ve created through shared interests and the power of design. We know you’ll love our products, because we’ve put everything we’ve got into creating pieces that are timeless, beautiful, and hella fun to decorate!

Love, Brit, Bobby, and Fur Babes