DIY Tiered Tray cards ?!

The Joys of Tiered Tray Decorating ~ but make it a Greeting!!

Can you believe your eyes!?! 

tier tray decor on spellbinders paper die crafted lettering greeting diy handmade homemade card
When Becky @InkingIdaho broke the news of her new Tiered Tray paper crafting collection, my heart burst out of my brain!💓🤯🤔 She was inspired by our custom patented-handle design trays to curate these Tiered Tray Die Cuts in collaboration with Spellbinders! 💌 🖋️    

Guys...she even included our square mini felt message board as an accessory! 🔳 🤏🏻😭😭😭 

Becky, I have always been in awe of your creativity in all it’s forms but this my friend is TOP TIER 🤩 - my new fave thing to say!
We are BEYOND humbled ❤️
Never would I have thought the decor hubby & I designed would inspire and expand creativity into such a heart-warming craft! 💗
The options are truly endless in decorating tiered trays - in both 3D and 2D form 😉 and I can't help but SQUEAL seeing what other's are already creating!!
My heart is full knowing that our trays will be on the front of many greetings spreading love from one home to another!!  💌🫶🏻
Now you can truly CREATE and DECORATE with Becky’s Tiered Tray paper crafting collection in collaboration with
tier tray home decor gnome holiday decorating die craft kid tiered gift greeting card becky inking idaho
If you want to check out this beautiful collection, browse here

When creativity brings people together, it’s a beautiful thing ❤️

THANK-YOU BECKY ❤️ @inkingidaho
Thanks so much for reading! 
I'd love to know, what would be the first Tiered Tray card theme you would make and for who?? Leave a comment below 💌
XOXO - Britney

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