The Partner Tray Challenge

On April 19th of infamous 2020 I was looking for something (anything!) to pass time in isolation. As is my usual conclusion, I decided some re-decorating was in order. I placed one of our tiered trays atop our vintage tea cart, a blank slate to decorate, and giggled to myself about how funny it would be to ask my husband to decorate the tray all by himself. Then I realized it needed to happen. 

I summoned my husband and challenged him to use anything around the house to decorate the empty tray, then left the room for him to work his 'magic'. I returned 20 minutes later, phone in-hand ready to take a photo to send friends for some LOLs. To my utter surprise, he had left me a fully layered masterpiece of creativity using nostalgic items, inside jokes, our favourite TV shows, and handmade small shop items from my favourite holiday - Hallowe'en! My heart was full 🖤 

 Bobby's masterpiece:

My husband Bobby's entry for the Felt Creative Home Goods Partner Tiered Tray Challenge during pandemic isolation for some family fun and funny decor ideas


And the very next day our first Decor Challenge was born - 

the Partner Tray Challenge! 

I quickly fell in love with the Partner Tray Challenge concept because it seemed like a simple way to encourage our community members to enjoy some fun creative time with their families during this heavy time in isolation. 

The guidelines: Challenge your partner or a family member to decorate a tiered tray, with ZERO comments or coaching from the peanut gallery hehe. It could be any theme or no theme at all, but the more creative and fun the better! 

It's time to Isolate and Create! 

The outpour of excitement for the challenge and community creativity blew our minds...we had 48 entries!! Using a public voting system, TWO trays ended up tying for first place! The winners received a Felt Creative Home Goods Tiered Tray, and the decorator received…a new tray decorating addiction!! 

Here are the winning entries of the #PartnerTrayChallenge 2020!

 3 acre homestead family farm partner tray challenge entry with DIY assembled tiered tray made from tools, beer, burrito and lawn tractor

@3acrehomestead "Good evening all! I’d like to take a minute so sit right there and tell you how I became the wife of a....tiered tray decorator?!? My husband was up for the #partnertraychallenge and actually very serious about it! I couldn’t be anywhere around him while he was putting it together and that’s probably why he decided to do it in the middle of our property on our John Deere mower. Mind you on the windiest day we’ve had in a while and the farmers in the field kicking up dust! Perfect conditions for staging and photographing, right? So here it is...his compiled favorite things staged on a tiered tray! His Mom will be so proud!" 


3 tiered galvanized tray decorated by husband with video games beer patriotic decor and army gear

@brilopez__ "I was surprised when I asked my husband to do the #partnertraychallenge because I was 100% sure he will says NO and to my surprise he said it was a super cool idea ... so he came out with this...his favorite things and what he wears and uses everyday for work...#nationalguardsoldier"

Be sure to check out all the fun entries below or browse #PartnerTrayChallenge on Instagram!  

All thanks to our community, our first decor challenge grew into beautifully connective fun, and it brought my husband and I so many smiles and laughs. I woke up excited each day to browse the new entries! Our community members drew closer as they cheered each other on and expressed love and support on fellow entries. Needless to say, the outcome of the challenge warmed our hearts and quickly exceeded my expectations. It has become a defining moment in the Felt Creative community 🖤

We are SO looking forward to hosting the next Partner Tray Challenge...stay tuned friends!
Be sure to join our decor community @feltcreativehome for lots of inspiration, shop updates and décor challenge fun! 
Sending you and your family lots of love & light

Honorary Entries!


     beer and burrito true farmer farmhouse tiered tray for the partner tray challenge

3 tiered beaded tray with super heroes and anime characters


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